Time Knife Live Reading

As with many Remedy games they great folks at that studio have filled it to the brim with special content, easter eggs, and downright hilarious little bits. The latest is a in-game movie script written by one of the characters that has inspired some fantastic content! Please definitely go find these collectabables on your own […]

Quantum Break Part 1

Ahoy there Quantum Break community! Starting today we kicked off our first Quantum Break Let’s Play! We’ll be streaming the game, junctions, and integrated show right with our community. We’ll be doing these on Fridays so stay tuned to all things Quantum Break for when we go live! Check out our first stream below with […]

Quantum Break Status Update

We’ve got a status update hot off the press for everyone out there enjoying some Quantum Break. Please take the time to check this most recent post by Remedy Games regarding a few things about the game on Xbox One and Window 10. Thanks again for all your patience and keep the feedback coming in! […]

Time is power

From Remedy Entertainment, the masters of cinematic action games, comes a time-amplified suspenseful blockbuster. Time is your greatest weapon as the end of time threatens. An intense and thrilling storyline brought to life in a way never done before by fusing gameplay and a gripping live action show.

Jack Joyce

Shawn Ashmore

Paul Serene

Aidan Gillen

William Joyce

Dominic Monaghan

Martin Hatch

Lance Reddick